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About Us

Property Valuation In The Air (ValuAir) is a registered investment adviser governed from the SEC with roughly $10.6 billion of assets under management. ValuAir mostly focuses on debt investments collateralized by commercial property and contains investment capacity in the USA, Ireland and also the UK, via its offices in Atlanta and London.

ValuAir is owned 100 percent by its own management team which reduces conflicts and enables ValuAir to behave at all times in each customer’s best interests.

The management group has worked together for almost two years and delivered exceptional results for its customers via devotion to the following tenets:

  • Strict fiduciary and compliance driven civilization
  • Adaptive, client-driven, tailored investment apps
  • Team based decision-making
  • Basically sound, institutional quality resources
  • Major metropolitan markets
  • Low occasion risk

Conviction investing predicated upon period proven underwriting Procedures
Aggressive, contrarian investing throughout important pricing dislocation
ValuAir provides institutional investors equally tailored single customer accounts and commingled funds.